Saturday, September 25, 2010

post 3/10

pernah menipu???

ye, semua orang pernah menipu...
yes, include me... hehe...
rasenye ade ke orang zmn skrg yang mmg ckp betul tanpe menipu 100%?

but, you know what,
"the greatest advantage of speaking the truth is that you don't have to remember what you said."
(yes, petikan diatas adalah copy&paste ye)

so same2 la kite cube untuk jangan menipu walaupun menipu tu boleh menyelamatkan diri kite sndr.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

post 2/10

Some people said that it's better to say something direct and to the point than to keep someone guessing because his/her interpretation might be different from what we actually want to say.

but in my observation, many people will hate people who like to say something direct than who like to "cakap berlapik".

like me, I Iike to say directly what i want to say (this case with my family and to who that close with me only), but in writting, I like to "tulis" not direct to the point. hehe..

actually we must look into the situation. with who we want to talk. and if we want to "tegur seseorg tu scr direct", dont ever talk it in front of other people. if u do it- tegur sorg tu depn org ramai, dia mungkin akan terime teguran tu tapi in the same time dia akan benci kat si penegur tu. yelah, sape yg tak menyampah bile ade org jatuhkan maruah dia depan semua orang, walaupun memanglah bende yang dia buat tu salah.

so you must think properly either to say something direct or indirect... ok.. bye..

Friday, September 17, 2010

post 1/10

i had decide my own way
and i'll finishing it
i'll never say never
i'll fight till 4eva
(haha... right2.. it's a song..)

p/s ; If you have found something that you want, you must fight for it. don't bother if everyone tells you to give up. trust yourself!! and believe that Allah will help you...